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SSHDOS is an open source SSH, SCP, SFTP and Telnet client for DOS.
SSH is a telnet like remote access protocol, but provides encrypted channels, so others cannot tamper with your session.
To run SSHDOS, you need a plain DOS environment, a packet driver for your network card, server side SSH support and a live network connection.
SSHDOS is based on the WATTCP TCP/IP stack, PuTTY SSH client, ZLIB library and the CVT100 package.
This release supports xterm, VT100, Linux and xterm-color terminal emulation. There are two packages for different SSH protocol versions. SSHDOS supports protocol version 1.5 and includes SSH, SCP and Telnet clients. SSH2DOS supports protocol version 2.0 and includes SSH, SCP, SFTP and Telnet clients.

Latest versions:
SSHDOS v0.95. Click here to read the version history.
SSH2DOS v0.2.1. Click here to read the version history.

Visit the download page to get the binary or source.

A patch for linking it with ROM-DOS Sockets by Datalight Inc. is also available at the download page

Visit SSHDOS at SourceForge.
Visit the WATTCP page.
Visit the PUTTY page

You can subscribe to the mailing list here